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Team Catskill USA would be available to hold a"Ghost Shadow" Grizzle Auction.
Any combine/concourse that would be interested in hosting such an event, please contact Team Catskill USA to discuss the conditions. This is an opportunity for your local club/concourse to have access to one of the great grizzle performance families. First come, first served.

Award winning Grizzle Family
TEAM CATSKILL USA will feature a Holiday December Sale of over twenty + young birds which is the only time of the year that our Grizzle Family is offered to The Sport. We do not sell any stock during the year. In lieu of featuring these pigeons on I Pigeon which leads to a total sell out, we would agree to a US based Club / Combine Auction that can boast forty [40 ] plus members on hand. Our Grizzles have won Four Equal First at the 04 / 05 / 08 and 09 Las Vegas One Loft Classic, accumulating over 80,000 points. Winning speeds were from 800 ypm to over 1800 ypm in all conditions again'st all comers. In 2010, a White Grizzle hen "Windjammer" won "Champion Pigeon" at The IF Convention in Spring Hill , Florida. She finished 4th at the 150, 3rd at the 200, and 9th at the final 300 in a smash which produced only 41 day birds. She finished out front by almost 100 points vs over 1000 original entries. These are the "Ghost Shadow" Gene pools that would be coming to your neighborhood. I and a partner would travel with the birds to \answer questions and introduce this family to those in attendance.

John McGrenaghan [ Senior Partner ]
26 Rosemary Lane
Greenland, NH 03840
[ Cell ] 201 - 259 -5033
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