Memory Lane  . . . . . . . Where It All Began
The year was 2002 and Three Life long friends came together to pool their Six [6] best pigeons to create a Grizzle family to enter in Major One Loft competition against the families that we read about every month in the monthly publications. Our first venture was the 2003 Flamingo Classic in Spring Hill, Florida followed by the 2004 and 2005 Las Vegas Classic.The results were extraordinary as Three [3] Grizzle Cocks went to the front and " Refused to Yield ", winning 70,000 + points in the three years. They became known as "The Ghost", "The Sundance Kid" and "Butch Cassidy". We repeated in both 2008 and 2009 and the Legend known as "The Ghost Shadows" emerged from obscurity to become part of pigeon folklore.

The Breeding Loft in 2002 nestled in the "Valley of the Alcoves" would establish the late Rudy Zitz as an American Master in the Gene Pool creation of Ghost Shadows that are bred to "Hold the Front" and "Made in America" a source of pride once again. Rudy believed in his heart that the Ghost Shadow Grizzle Family could crush the will of many big name entries on a hard day when with fifty miles to go, all that is left is an iron will and the "Heart Of a Champion

The Way We Were.
Rudy was able to enjoy our 2005 Las Vegas repeat Victory with a full brother to the 2004 Winner, but his illness did prevent from sharing in the repeat "Equal First" wins in 2008 and 2009.We believe that he was with his birds, "High in the wind, forever free" as they made history.

Rudy Zitz at the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid , New York scored 1st & 2nd vs 2000 entries that were released at the opening ceremonies and supported by over 45 + clubs throughout the Northeast . It became apparent early in his pigeon career that Rudy had a gift for the breeding / training and selection of race candidates that perform at high standards in all conditions . Those two pigeons still have their gene pools centered in the hearts of all " Ghost Shadows ".

Every Dog Has It's Day
Peter and Brenda Miller
Shown at their home in Glenford, New York with their four month old puppy “Sumo”. Peter is a founding partner of Team Catskill USA and functions as a stock evaluator of young "Ghost Shadow" out of the Northern Catskill Racing Club in Upstate New York. New Matings are followed on the mountain course to help determine the qualities of the Grizzle Gene Pool in the performance arena.

BoBo had his day in 2006 as a handler for Team Catskill in the The Great Southern Classic held in Gulfport MS at 350 Miles. He is the cherished companion of the late Roy Necaise and his wife Laura. Race day brought clear skies and Bo-Bo waiting for his [4] Ghost Shadows in his Baby Stroller with a dropper by his side. The tension was high as the three handlers waited for birds when a White Grizzle Cock came on line to score 2nd place and secure an article in the 2007 Digest labeled "Every Dog Has His Day".

Ladies And Gentlemen: Please Rise For The King

The King is 92 IF NCF 395 DCC

Recently passed at nineteen years old and and is interred in Spring Hill, Florida under the watchful eye of his owner & caretaker John Gallagher. The King raced in the Catskill mountains of upstate New York and in 1994 "Unleashed Hell" on The 35 + lofts of The Central New York Concourse with a record outlined below that is "One for the Ages" Team Catskill received in 2009 an inbred son and daughter from a Sire / Daughter mating to weave into the breeding program. This is the only addition to "The Ghost Shadows" over the past ten years and his legacy will live in our gene pool for all time.

[1st] Place at 150 Miles vs 397 Pigeons
[2nd] Place at 200 Miles vs 356 Pigeons
[3rd] Place at 300 Miles vs 311 Pigeons
[1st] Place at 450 Miles vs 277 Pigeons
[1st] Place at 500 Miles vs 278 Pigeons
[1st] Place at 600 Miles vs 225 Pigeons

" Semper Fi "
bred by Jay Taylor of Yellow Rose Farm loft in New Mexico

Semper Fi arrived in Gulfport , MS a few years back as a young bird for Team Catskill to handle under the able care of Charles Lee and proved out to be a " Once in a Decade " pigeon who created a performance record that became legend in the Club and Combine & earned the admiration of all fanciers who competed with this amazing pigeon . On his last 600 mile contest in 2018 before retiring at stud , " Semper Fi " arrived home on the second day and was ripped open & covered Charlies hands in blood with only half his tail intact . He was over one hour ahead of the second place pigeon and was 35 miles beyond the short end flyers which makes him " Beyond Special " . His record is below for your review . He is only the second outside pigeon to be added to the Breeding loft at Team Catskill in 18 years after receiving permission from Jay as we offered to return him as he belongs to the Taylor family . Jay felt he belongs where he proved himself in battle and earned the right to " Stand down " .

Race Record as follows: . . . . . . Home of the Ghost Shadows