Team Catskill
  a " Hot Spot " winner in Victoria Falls
with $ 1500.00 in prize money!

"Wind Jammer"


"Ghost Shadows"

Forged in the "burning embers" of major worldwide One Loft race competition, our Grizzle Family known as the "Ghost Shadows" has performed against worldwide competition with pride, strength and honor. Never to yield is their legacy and trial by fire is the only "rite of passage" that will allow them to return to their place of birth and earn the right to breed as a "Ghost Shadow". The "Ghost Shadows" have performed "Out Front" in Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, New York, New Jersey, Idaho, Las Vegas, Florida, California, Mississippi and South Africa.

Our Mission Statement

Team Catskill USA is committed to building a high performance grizzle  gene pool that will compete with courage and honor in the global arena. Every effort will be made to bring the top one (1) loft performers home to join their siblings who now stand stud in Gulfport, Mississippi. This family of High Performance Grizzles known as the "Ghost Shadows" will help you Fly up Front at all the distances and in every weaher condition. At Team Catskill USA, we are committed to producing a grizzle bred product that will be made available to the sport in a hand selected, limited number, each calendar year.

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